Lovely Place

The dream of the customers was to make not just an apartment, they wanted to equip their favorite and Lovely place.

We started to remodel the whole apartment: we created open space, combining the kitchen with the living room and the hallway. We used shades of white, wooden floors and contrasting accents to create a stylish, light and spacious room.
The entrance hall and kitchen are enclosed by a two-sided wardrobe decorated with family photos. The freshness of the interior is provided by watercolor paintings complemented with vegetation

Bedroom is in pastel shades: soft headboard, ornamented textiles and delicate dim lighting add comfort. The balcony in the bedroom is a separate area for relaxation and privacy.

KID’s room for two boys has individual sleeping areas as well as play and study sectors. The beds are separated by a wooden partition and the wall behind the beds is made of soft panels for safety and comfort. There is also a closet with milling and mortise shelves in the room.